Kintore Street School, Katherine

Kintore Street School

Kintore Street School, Katherine



Probuild NT was engaged by the Department of Infrastructure to construct a new administration and classroom building at Kintore Street School in Katherine. The project which involved the demolition of existing structures and reuse of materials. It was finished within 26 weeks.



Local Engagement


In line with their commitment to local engagement and project specific Local and Indigenous Development Plans, they hired local subcontractors and Indigenous personnel.

Over 5,000 hours were worked by over 20 Indigenous personnel. Their Indigenous personnel were direct employees and labour hire, engaged through IE Project, a Supply Nation certified Indigenous organisation, as well as through subcontractors.


Project Team for the Kintore Street School Project


Our project management structure for the Kintore Street School ensured that we had suitably qualified personnel to see the project through to completion on time and within budget. A dedicated office based Project Manager was supported by a Contracts Administrator and a dedicated Site-based Manager. The Site Manager was assisted by a full time Site Supervisor.

Ensuring that Probuild NT met Workplace Health and Safety (WSH) standards, they had their WHS Manager supporting the project.


Project Description


Initial stages of the project entailed the careful demolition of various structures, including the existing staff toilet, which was converted to student PWD. The roof was cut back, and existing columns demolished. The specifications required the reused of the beams from the existing roof. Also demolished, was the existing connection walkway, ramps, walkways, carport and access ramps.

In addition to concrete foundations, the wall framing was constructed using steel wall framing with insulation. The roof is mostly constructed using steel roof trusses with metal fascia’s, and Colourbond softfit with acoustic ceiling tiles used internally to assist in reducing noise.


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External finishing completed to a high standard, were constructed for various materials to allow for the unique environment, and included:

  • Aluminium frames
  • UV stable paint
  • Colour bond steel and corrugated metal roof fascia’s
  • Melamine Finish Laminex, which is formulated to achieve exceptional performance through the combination of modified melamine thermosetting resins and continuous hot pressing, ensures high wear and stain resistance
  • Forbo Nuance (acoustic flooring)
  • Autex Quietspace (Engineered for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design
  • Quietspace is a premium sound solution for wall and ceiling applications)
  • Tarkett Micra (vinyl flooring)

Mechanical, fire, electrical and plumbing services were completed by approved and authorised subcontractors, who installed new air conditioning units, emergency lighting, and motion sensors etc.

Staff room included a kitchenette, which needed new plumbing and drainage as well as in the newly constructed cleaner’s room. Restrooms, with PWD plan were installed, with new fittings and fixtures. These areas were developed with vapour barrier and sealed with heat resistant pressure sensitive tape with a continuous air tight seal.

A number of classrooms were constructed with adjoining teachers rooms, premium acoustic finishes were installed both in the ceiling and walls, as well as teaching aids for example interactive white boards etc.

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