Meet Matthew Jentsch

Matthew Jentsch Probuild NT Contracts Adminstrator


Attracting new talented trainees, apprentices and staff is a key element to Probuild NT’s growth as a leading construction company in Darwin and the Top End. Probuild NT will be exhibiting in Darwin at the Skills, Employment and Careers Expo 2017.

For this edition of the news bulletin, we have interviewed one of Probuild NTs new team members; Matthew Jentsch, Junior Project Manager.



How did you get into the construction industry?



Matt explains that while he was at university, he studied for a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning in South Australia.

“When I finished I couldn’t get a job in the field, so I moved back home to Alice”, he explains. “I got a job with a local plumbing company called S&K Plumbing”.

Whilst at S&K Plumbing Matt worked as a labourer on the Alice Springs Hospital redevelopment project.

This eventually led to an interview with a Head Contractor, where Matt was the successful applicant and began working for another major construction company as a Contracts Administrator and eventually Junior Project Manager.



What projects have you worked on?



Matt’s excitement really shows as he describes the huge variety of projects that he’s worked on. He explains that he’s worked on small and large projects, everything from bus shelters to the Alice Springs Correctional Centre Sewer Pond and the Alice Springs Airport Photovoltaic Undercover Car Park.

“I’ve worked on a Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap, which was interesting and now I’m working on the Probuild NT In Town Housing project” summarises Matt.



What do you like doing in your spare time?



“Sports!” Matt exclaims and has a chuckle. He goes on to describe an injury that has been keeping him from playing as much as he would like. He basically loves all sports including BMX racing, golf, running and going to the gym.

Matt also spends around a day or two working on his project of building a bike from scratch.



What’s your favourite thing about the NT?



Matt had to pause and think about this one, and then says “the space”. Expanding on this, he goes on to say that he likes how you can be in town and not have to drive very far to get away from it all. He likes being able to go camping and get out into the open space.



What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into the construction industry?



“Having knowledge on how things works”, he begins. Matt explains that for him, having worked on site as a builder first gave him invaluable hands on experience and a much better understanding of what happens on site.

“Excellent communication is also really important. You need to be able to know what you’re talking about.”

Matt is talking about the construction language and the practical side of things. He says that by working your way up from a site role into an office based role; you have a much better understanding of the construction methods and project. Find out more about Matt click here.


Come along and say hi to the Probuild NT team. They will be exhibiting at the Skills, Employment and Careers Expo in Darwin on the Wednesday 30 August – 5pm to 8pm and Thursday 31 August – 8.30am to 2.30pm. For more information about the expo click here.


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