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Developing the community with trust in partnerships mission



Over last couple of years, Probuild NT has undergone a period of transformation. As the company has expanded into Darwin, they have also completed more projects in remote areas. It has become clear that it’s not just the buildings they build that has had a positive impact in the community; members of the community and local organisations have also benefited. In this edition, we have asked some members of the team what the Probuild NT mission of developing the community with trust in partnerships means to them, and here’s what they said.



What does Probuild NT’s mission of developing the community with trust in partnerships mean to you?

Angie Bain Director and Financial Controller Mission
Angie Bain
Director and Financial Controller
“Community engagement! It’s about how we help the community when we’re working there. It’s about involvement through employment, purchasing, sponsorships, training while we are building facilities. We don’t want to just go in complete a project and then walkout. We want to make sure that we leave a positive footprint that lasts long after we are gone.”
Ross Houston Workplace Health and SAfety (WHS) Manager Mission
Ross Houston
Workplace Health and Safety Manager
“To me, this means developing relationships, whether in metro or remote areas that are based on trust, so that we can successfully deliver a high quality build on time and on budget. It’s about using people from the local community for the work, and not outsourcing it.”
Mark Innes Project Manager Mission
Mark Innes
Project Manager
“Working with the community. It’s about building relationships with members of the wider community, about the people. Not just with suppliers, subcontractors and other people directly involved in the project. Like at Gove, while we have been working at the hospital we have also been involved with the local swimming club, attending events and sponsoring the Gove Barras.”
Gove Barras Swimming Club Mission

Gove Barras Swimming Club



Mandy Ashburner Project Administration Support Mission
Mandy Ashburner
Project Administration Support
“Probuild NT is proactive in employing local people and working with Traditional Owners and Community Elders (local and regional), ensuring that everyone is consulted in the process. Probuild NT strongly supports and sources, purchases of materials from local suppliers and uses local subcontractors.”
Mark Manuel Director and Senior Estimator Mission
Mark Manuell
Director and Senior Estimator
“For me, developing the community with trust in partnerships; means supporting the stimulation of Indigenous economic development in regional locations. It’s about helping to improve the welfare of members of the community by giving them access to sustainable and meaningful housing, education and health.”
 Melissa Sim Systems Manager Mission
Melissa Sims
Systems Manager
“This means that we partner with local organisations that have the same vision as we do; to engage and develop the community as much as possible in ways that will leave long lasting benefits.”
Justin Joyner Site Manager Mission
Justin Joyner
Site Manager
“Teaching people in communities to be able to do construction and maintenance work themselves. Unless we engage members of the community, they wont be able to learn. We give them education and training to practice their skills, for example through apprenticeships, so that they can get jobs after we have finished a project, like maintenance work – looking after houses for example.”


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